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Top Chef University (www.topchefuniversity.com) is the web’s most comprehensive, user-friendly culinary academy. Based on the Emmy-nominated Bravo series of the same name and featuring content from some of the show’s most popular “chef’testants,” Top Chef University offers over 200 in-depth lessons across 12 courses in an unmatched curriculum that encompasses everything from “Kitchen Basics and Technique” to “Entertaining, Molecular and Advanced Culinary Skills”. With over 60 hours of material, insatiable fans will finally have a destination that will fulfill their culinary aspirations. Users can purchase one course per month for $24.95 and for a total of $199.95; students can gain immediate access to the entire curriculum for a year.

Not content to make buckets on money off of the rabidly popular reality show Top Chef, its spinoffs Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Just Desserts, and all kinds of merchandizing deals, the big wigs behind the TC juggernaut have a another great idea: Top Chef University iPad App.

Culinary Director Anthony Hoy Fong and “Top Chef’s” own resident judge Gail Simmons, also of Food & Wine Magazine, created an innovative and comprehensive curriculum, covering everything from basic knife skills and preparation, to correct cooking techniques and insight into advanced culinary trends”

Top Chef University, perfect for everyone from experienced foodies to the home cook, is a fraction of the cost of traditional culinary school and provides access to virtual courses 24/7. Along the way, students will be tested on their culinary acumen receiving report cards that track their progress towards their “Top Chef” certification. Interactive features of this ultimate learning experience include webinars with some of the chefs as well as forums where members can post questions to be answered by accomplished and hand-picked experts in the culinary field.

We’re pleased to extend the Top Chef brand into an experiential product that is accessible, user-friendly, and educational,” said Jennifer Turner, Vice President, Licensing and Strategic Partnerships, Bravo Media and Oxygen Media. “Top Chef University gives fans the opportunity to learn from their favorite chef’testants as well as for people who don’t currently watch the show, but want to have comprehensive cooking instruction. We want to create innovative brand extensions that resonate with fans as well as a broader audience that loves food, and Top Chef University is a great example.

Commenting on the new site, creator Jeff Goldenberg of Post Oak Productions, said: “Top Chef is one of television’s most popular franchises and we are delighted to be extending this property to the web with what we believe to be the ultimate destination for culinary education. We have developed the site with like-minded, food lovers in mind and believe our top-notch curriculum and instructors will be a real asset to those fans who want to learn from the best in the business.

Anthony Hoy Fong, the site’s culinary advisor, added: “This coursework is designed for anyone and everyone who has ever dreamed of expanding their culinary knowledge and it is a thrill to have been part of the creative process from the ground up.


Courses available from Top Chef University are:

* Basics and Techniques

* Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Raw

* Cooking Techniques I: Sauté, Boil, Grill

* Cooking Techniques II: Roast, Braise, Fry, Confit

* Vegetables, Eggs, Dairy, Cheese

* Poultry/Pig

* Beef/Lamb/Offal

* Fish, Seafood

* Pasta Grains, Bread

* Desserts

* Global Cuisine

* Entertaining, Molecular, Advanced Technique


The instructors include some of “Top Chef’s” fan favorites and finalists:

* Ariane Duarte, “Top Chef: New York”

* Brian Malarkey, “Top Chef: Miami”

* Carla Hall, Finalist, “Top Chef: New York”

* Chris ‘CJ’ Jacobson, “Top Chef: Miami”

* Dale Levitski, Finalist, “Top Chef: Miami”

* Kevin Gillespie, Finalist and Fan Favorite, “Top Chef: Las Vegas”

* Marcel Vigneron, Finalist, “Top Chef: Los Angeles”

* Nikki Cascone, “Top Chef: Chicago”

* Richard Blais, Finalist, “Top Chef: Chicago”

* Spike Mendelsohn, “Top Chef: Chicago”

* Stephanie Izard, Winner and Fan Favorite, “Top Chef: Chicago”


Top Chef University Worth Money- DVD Review

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful

4.0 out of 5 stars Love the DVDs but…, February 11, 2012


Denise Sioson

This review is from: Top Chef University – 16 DVD Cooking School (DVD)

First, I do love the videos they are very informative and helpful in learning how to cook better.

I have only gone through part of the videos but I love them. This is the missing information that I wanted. I have, already in a short time, learned so much and I am not even half way through the course.

I do have a few cons with the actual product (DVDs, cookbook) but this doesn’t take away from the learning process.

Video Editing: I find that at times they edit out important steps. A good example of this is when they julienne a carrot in introduction to knife skills. The carrot is prepped for cutting then without any explanation the carrot has been cut into planks and you are learning how to cut the carrots into matchsticks. This is not a huge problem as you can guess how she did it. Also the internet can provide a quick way to find the missing information.

Missing subtitles: in their online demo of a course they show periodic pop-ups giving you tips and explaining why you are doing something. This is sadly missing from the DVDs.

Missing Quality Assurance (QA): The finished product feels like the QA department was napping and not checking for errors. When looking through the cookbook the section on “Beef, Lamb and Offal” the introductory text reads “This section is all about poultry and pork”. Basically the title is correct the text is word-for-word from the previous section on poultry and pork. There is at least one place where the DVD menu doesn’t allow you to push down to get to the next lesson (hint you can press right and get to the wanted lesson)

I would gather that over time these will be corrected, ending up with a well polished finished product.

All in all it is a great product and defiantly worth the money but it does have the feeling that it was rushed out the door with little QA.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome and Fun!, January 15, 2013



This review is from: Top Chef University – 16 DVD Cooking School (DVD)

I’m someone who enjoys pretending to be a chef. I had looked into several lessons around my area to hone my skills, but they are really expensive! For example, it was going to cost $500 to take a class on knife skill basics! I got the skills that I sought in this series! I love the ideas, fun tips, and it has enhanced my ability in the kitchen. I wish Grandma was still around. I could teach her a few things.


Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

4 of 9 people found the following review helpful

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Cooking Investment I’ve ever made, February 21, 2012



This review is from: Top Chef University – 16 DVD Cooking School (DVD)

This set is filled with fabulous recipes, The cookbook tells you which disk to use, and you see exactly what you need and how to prep and prepare…It is going to used more often than the many of cook books I own, and especially for planning special events.


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