10 amazing things you can do with your new iPad mini

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Unwrapped a brand new iPad mini for Christmas? Have we got a treat for you: it may be small, but it can pull off some big gadget feats. Here are ten things you might never know your iPad mini can do.

1. Video chat

Chat away to friends and family with the built-in front-facing camera using apps such as FaceTime or Skype, letting you keep in touch with loved-ones all over the world.

2. Control your Xbox

Microsoft’s SmartGlass has just been released, and lets you control your Xbox from the comfort of your new iPad mini. Use it to go through media on your Xbox, as a keyboard and mouse for Internet Explorer or just as a companion for when you’re gaming.

3. Makeshift set-top box

Combine your new iPad with an Apple TV and stream whatever you have on your iPad straight to the big screen, making it a makeshift smart TV. Combine that with Netflix or TVCatchup and you’ll never need a Sky box or DVD player ever again.

4. Comic book reader

With a plethora of comic apps in the App Store, you can turn your new device into a comic-breathing wonder device, letting you munch through comics like chocolates on Christmas day and making traditional comic books all but redundant.

5. TV Remote

OK, it might not be able to control your tradition infra-red TV set, but if it’s hooked up to a YouView box or a Plex media centre , then you can control what appears on your TV straight from your brand new slate.

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6. Fitness

Keep in shape by using all manner of fitness apps available in the App Store, such as My Fitness Pal, which lets you track both what you’re eating and activity – plus you can make use of the built-in camera to log your progress in photos.

7. Arcade machine

Of course, who could forget, your new iPad mini is capable of playing all sorts of games. From Angry Birds to Cut The Rope, to even more graphics intensive games like Real Racing or Infinity Blade, there’s bound to be something in the App Store to keep your thumbs busy.

8. Drawing tool

While the popularity of Draw Something has waned, the screen size of the iPad mini lends itself well to little doodles. Using apps such as Paper will let you turn your device into a digital easel, where you can paint and draw to your heart’s content.

9. Digital photo frame

If you need to put your device down for a few minutes, why not make use of its size to turn it into a digital photo frame? Prop it on its side, get the slideshow going, and feel free to discuss/bore your latest holiday with the family.

10. Cookbook

The kitchen is a busy place, and there might not be room for a full fledged laptop, or even a larger iPad. The iPad mini, however, can lend its svelte size to the eager chef by serving as a cookbook. With apps such as Epicurious, or even Jamie Oliver’s Recipes, plus the whole internet at your fingertips, your new iPad mini is the ultimate cookbook to outdo Delia with.

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