4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

 4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst EnemyHere’s an honest statement – I’ve never owned a smartphone until nearly a month ago. Yep, I write for a tech blog about amazing techy websites, and yet I never owned one until then. Part of it was financial reasons (MUO pays us an extravagant salary – I just waste it on frivolous items such as gold toilet seats and dyed poodles), and part of it was a bit of a reluctance (if I have a laptop, why get a phone?). However, in the end, I broke down and got the iPhone 5.

First thing’s first – I love it. It’s amazing. However, as someone coming from the stone age, it’s very, very different. Something akin to being transported into a different time. For instance, take Siri. I didn’t even realize how advanced it was. Granted… there’s a lot of bad, too. Let’s take a look at ways the iPhone can be your worst enemy.

Location, Location, Location

 4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

It’s a simple issue, but why in the world would I want to tell the entire world where my geographic location is? No one needs to know this information. Sure, it’s cool to let people know that I’m doing something amazing (like a once-in-a-lifetime concert, or perhaps participating in an alpaca potato-on-a-stick jousting event), but it might be best to update my social networks after the fact. Why? Well, simply put, wouldn’t it be a shame if thieves knew I was home? Simple stuff, folks.

Additionally, if you are genuinely avoiding someone and have given them a lot of excuses as to why you can’t see them, it would look pretty weird if you were posting about the marvelous restaurant you are at when you should be comforting your dying grandmother at the hospital.

Darn It, Voice Recognition

 4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

I’d like to preface this by saying Autocorrect has been the bane of my existence. However, with the introduction of Siri, I have found a new entity to hate that spurs anger Autocorrect could only dream about. I initially thought it would be a great way to use my phone while driving. It would be just like Kit from Knight Rider! But no.

First off, with directions, half of the time my phone won’t register what town I’m requesting due to its overly-phonetic spellings. Other times, the thing will text horrible “seductive” texts to my girlfriend when I only intended them to be incredibly wholesome.

As a note, I’d rather not go into the details of these texts. It would be terribly, terribly embarrassing.

But I Thought It Was Her!

 4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Have you ever just not wanted to answer the phone because of who was on the other line? Yep. Been there. Also, have you ever saved a picture of your significant other as your lock screen wallpaper? Guilty. The issue with the iPhone is that , in the event that a contact does not have an ID image, it will simply show the lock screen wallpaper when that person is calling. If your lock screen image is your SO, then it would appear – by visual means only – that your SO happens to be calling you.

This has lead to many awkward situations. Some of these were merely brought on by the fact that I was talking to someone I didn’t want to talk to. Other times, it was the sudden female-to-male voice change that my girl had.

I Never Read Th– Oh… Yeah.

 4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

There’s another feature about the iPhone I don’t care for – read receipts. From what I gather (and this is from a newbie’s standpoint), it will simply alert the sender of a text that I have indeed read their message. In a perfect world, this is courteous. In an ideal world, this is thoughtful. In my world, this is terrible. Maybe it’s just because I like to avoid people, but I simply just do not want them to know when I read their texts.

Maybe I’m not responding for a specific reason. Perhaps I don’t know the answer to their question yet, and I need to figure that out. Other times, I may just not want to talk to them! Either way, they don’t need to know. Right? …Right?


These are just four silly ways I feel that the iPhone can betray you. However, I’m sure that there are most definitely more.

If you don’t mind, would you tell us how your iPhone has been your worst enemy? Have you had any troubles with iPhone?

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 4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy  4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy  4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy  4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy
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