5 IPhone Apps for a Daily Use

Apple online store holds a variety of apps to turn your day more effective and efficacious. Whether you want to set an alarm to wake up in early mornings, stay up to date with the world news  throughout the day or even if you are doubtful about the restaurant you’d prefer eating, there are released right apps that may certainly make your day more productive, enjoyable and fun.

This article will dive you into 5 iPhone apps worth downloading for you everyday use—and make sure you don’t miss them.

1. Nightstand Central HD

There are tons of great alarm clock apps out there that turn even more difficult to choose the best among them. As a matter of fact, the most suitable for you would surely be the one that suits your needs thoroughly. NightStand Central features essential functions that come in handy for you daily use. It allows you schedule multiple alarms by setting different sounds. However, the drawback is that, all alarm clock apps, except the built-in clock app, have to be in the foreground to function properly.

1f291  NightStand Central 5 IPhone Apps for a Daily Use

2. Evernote

When scheduling meetings, taking notes, organizing tasks, do you face difficulties on remembering and acting upon them? If that’s the case, then you should have Evernote on your Iphone. Evernote is an “awesome” app for your daily use. It allows you to create notes and do-to lists, record reminders and capture photos—making it accessible from anywhere with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there.

7f448  Evernote 5 IPhone Apps for a Daily Use

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of most the popular cloud sharing apps for IPhone. It allows you to store your photos, docs, videos and access files of any kind from anywhere. It’s a very essential app that adds up productivity and organization to your day and you shouldn’t miss it. If you feel like sharing your files with your friends, Dropbox does that for you.

7f448  Dropbox 5 IPhone Apps for a Daily Use

4. AP Mobile

I’ve always pondered the point of staying up to date with the world news and keeping track of what is happening all over the world. If you are news enthusiastic and can’t access to the current trends regularly, AP Mobile can deliver the work for you. It is content-rich and comprehensive app that gets you connected with local and global news. You will always be the first one sharing news with your friends alongside this app.

dfb3c  AP Mobile 5 IPhone Apps for a Daily Use

5. UrbanSpoon

Are you doubtful about where to eat today? It isn’t a concern anymore to find restaurants to have your meals because UrbanSpoon can help you a lot with that. With UrbanSpoon you can read about any information of restaurants before you decide to eat, such as, user’s recommendations, reviews and critics.

dfb3c  UrbanSpoon 300x219 5 IPhone Apps for a Daily Use

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