A fully functioning website in 10 or less clicks. Is the future of the self-managed website here today?

No install files, no configuration, no database, no hosting. The creation of a professional website using only user clicks has arrived on the scene.

New CMS system Mixudo.com has arrived into the out of the box web scene, with seemingly no barriers to entry and a host of high performance features. Out of the box website solutions have a hard time empowering those with zero technical knowledge but newcomer, Mixudo.com, appears to deliver what it says on the tin.

From the front end, Mixudo.com is as easy to use as a remote control, with an experience that is somewhat like online shopping. You enter your name, your email, your password; and that is the difficult part. From the users perspective, you are remote controlling your website build – click “add page” and a page is added, click “delete page” and the page is gone. It’s about as complicated as sending a text message. Design control and good looks are there, although Mixudo.com is not really made for beauty as much as it is made for performance; and the performance is in the build.

Behind the scenes, Mixudo.com is running on an exceptionally powerful framework. For every decision you are making from the front using just a click, the coding of your website is being created on a wireframe that optimizes and encodes your website to encourage rankings on Google. You are not building static pages that will disappear singing and dancing into the Google abyss; you are creating a website that is being built like a professional one, using the same levels of intelligence and coding as Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.

In the ongoing website management department, Mixudo.com addresses this problem in a no-nonsense fashion. To make changes, there is no complicated CMS to navigate and there is no danger of changing around the order of your website like most free CMS systems which are built around bloggers; simply click on what you want to change, and change it – right there on your screen, and you are done. Your website is not reorganized by date, your pictures do not blur and distort, your videos do not stop playing and most importantly, you do not need to install and uninstall anything. You just, well, click.

Current free software requires at the very least some technical knowledge in order to operate, often throwing up bugs, problems and systems that will outdate and expire quicker than you can customize them. The Mixudo.com experience is not like this at all. There are no widgets to install and configure, no coding to construct and deconstruct, no configurations, databases or uploading and downloading and most importantly for less web savvy users, no bugs. For experienced users, this is revolutionary: discussion boards, contact with users, live interaction and directory pages are all intuitive, automatic and established on your website with a single click on your home screen. In SEO terms, that really is gold.

All expected CMS traditional options remain. You can have a free Mixudo.com domain, or you can use a custom domain name; the experience is the same. The only flaw in Mixudo.com is that you may find yourself twiddling your fingers a lot more, now that almost every website management problem has been rendered non-existent. This is a very powerful and easy to use, out of the box solution which is sure to have the free website community struggling to top it.

Notes to editor:

• Mixudo.com is the accidental creation of an SEO agency seeking to find a quick way to build high performance websites to increase their own productivity.
• Mixudo.com is free of charge
• Director of Mixudo.com Daniel Smith
• Visit: www.Barristerdirect.co.uk and http://skirtingboard.co.uk to see examples of Mixudo.com websites.
• For more information, interviews or images please contact: Daniel on dsmith@shensmithgroup.com / 07736 460 335eee8a  QnW7 ctlzIg A fully functioning website in 10 or less clicks. Is the future of the self managed website here today?

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