A-Maze-ing Mouse – An Amazing Maze

A-Maze-ing Mouse is a labyrinth-puzzler game, available for free with an interesting take on in-app purchases. A great game, A-Maze-ing Mouse is a very exciting puzzler that will keep your mind on its edge.

For starters, A-Maze-ing Mouse is a free app. All levels are made available for free at the beginning. However, upon reaching level 5 or beyond in any of the 4 available game modes, that particular mode is then unlocked until an in-app purchase is made to restore it once again. I found this to be a very intriguing and admirable system, as not only does A-Maze-ing Mouse allow users to give it a trial run to see if they like it, but such a system blocks out pirates in jailbroken devices.

Moving on to actual gameplay, A-Maze-ing Mouse works on the schematics of your typical maze games. In this instance, players are presented with a complex labyrinth filled with mousetraps and an airplane part. The game is completed when the mouse moves to an airplane part and the overall objective is to build a vintage, home-made plane for your mouse. Arrows are scattered all over and these represent the starting point and direction the mouse will undertake. Players have to race against the clock and select the arrow leading to the end route as fast as they can. Should the players pick the wrong route, the mouse will get hit by the trap and the game is over. How’s that for a hard game?

Of course, A-Maze-ing Mouse has ingeniously brought up a kids option that disables the end game feature, which means the game will automatically restart upon failure of a level. However, this feature can only be used once and upon this single usage will be locked until purchase. Also, even though it’s the kids option, this does not mean you can’t buy it if you are a grown up (wink, wink.)

For a free app, I definitely recommend A-Maze-ing Mouse to be downloaded and played.  I would even go as far as to say that the levels are worth the purchase to re-unlock. A great way to keep a sharp mind and fight boring sofa afternoons: A-Maze-ing Mouse.

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