Following a successful year, Anderman Ceramics has just launched a new range of Quartz products, which will further strengthen Anderman’s global status.

Quartz products are excellent thermal shock resistance because of its low coefficient of thermal expansion. Quartz products can work under a wide thermal operating range and withstand rapid temperate changes. The purity of quartz is highly beneficial to semiconductor fabricators and the optical purity may be equally important to many users in laboratory environments.

Our purpose is to give solutions to our customers that address their needs and our product selection is each and everyday, more capable of accomplishing that.

Again, we are working closely with developers and manufactures to provide, always, high quality products.
The launch of new products is a significant business initiative for Anderman Ceramics and another step in our strategic plan to gain new markets. Adding Quartz products was based on our global strategy development. The new product range will offer refractories solutions our customers were waiting for.

Established in 1947 and its experience in sourcing, stocking and selling technical ceramics worldwide has positioned Anderman Ceramics at the highest levels of product and service quality. We offer an extensive range of standard technical ceramics products, as well as, custom- design components.

Anabela Lelis
Marketing Executive
Anderman Ceramics Ltd
Unit 117
Oak Drive
Hartlebury Trading Centre, Hartlebury
DY10 4JB
Tel (44) 1299 252483
e-mail: anabelad@andermanceramics.com
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