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Download the @FreeAppADay.com Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like Box 2 Box to become FREE for a day!nn iPhone 5 Compatible u272d From the Makers of Ski On Neon u272dnnBox 2 Box will challenge your mind and your reflexes! Tilt and hover through up to 78 unique levels filled with exciting new tasks and mind-blowing puzzles. Collect stars and unlock new worlds and challenges. It’s generally a good time.nnHere’s what happens. You are a ship (or something, we’re not really sure). You have 4 sides. Each side has an engine. You only control 1 of them. You fly this ‘ship’ from a BOX…2…(another) BOX without running out of fuel. More or less.nnu27a4 MAZES and PUZZLES – Each level presents a different challenge. It’s up to you to figure out the best way to finish.nnu27a4 OBSTACLES and also OBSTACLES – Sometimes they help, sometimes they don’t – Watch out for GRAVITY WELLS that throw you off track, ROCKET BOOSTS that activate your top and side engines and DARK BLOCKS that fall every which way (and also hide good things sometimes). nnu27a4 LEADERBOARDS – for gloating and whatnot. Track your high scores (fuel saved) with the whole world. You’re better than those guys right…?nnu27a4 ACHIEVEMENTS – 22 achievements to challenge and annoy. Some are easy as pie. Some are easy as Pi. The second one is harder.nnu27a4 RETINA GRAPHICS – Simple, clean and easy on the eyes.nnu27a4 FUEL PODS – Having trouble with that last star? Need a little help to pass a particulary tricky level? Purchase Fuel Pods and get 100% fuel ANYTIME you want.nnu27a4 TIME TRIAlS!! – Get the Time Trials level pack for only $ 0.99. Unlimited Fuel, collect all 3 stars before time runs out! It’s a good timennu27a4 OH THE COLORS- Set your favorite background color or just let them randomly appear as you play through these rad levels.nnu27a4 SIMPLE CONTROLS – Tilt to steer and tap to thrust your engines. That’s only one button!!! (and the tilting)nnSo hop in your ship (or whatever) and work your way through 60 addictive and challenging levels. Conjure up your precision and your patience. Also Manna…if you can get a hold of any.

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