‘HTC First’ Facebook phone UI pictured in leaked shots

A minimalist mix of vanilla Android and Facebook influences A day after we got our first look at the external hardware of the 'HTC First,' more leaked images claim to show the device's UI. Expectedly, today's images released by 9to5Google in collaboration with @evleaks put the new 'Facebook Home' home screen launcher is front and […]

Online retailer claims to have Google Glass available for rent starting April 30th

If you’ve been dying to get your grubby little mits on Google Glass, but life never provided you the opportunity to 1. become a developer, or 2. possess the disposable income to shell out $ 1,500 for one — good news! It appears as if online retailer Borrowlenses.com is expecting to get receive some Glass […]

From the Editor’s Desk: We’re going to Facebook – but first, a few questions

So we'll be at Facebook HQ on Thursday morning to find out about its "New home in Mobile." I've seen countless headlines (mostly rewrites of what probably are controlled leaks) full of possible answers about what we'll see on Thursday morning. We'll be there, of course, to check it out. Liveblogs are inevitable, but Facebook […]

Android Overload: The hottest stories of the week!

Welcome to the Android Overload! This is where we bring you a roundup of the hottest content of the week, as well as the smaller stories that didn’t make it to out homepage. I know you are expecting one of Chris’ awesome videos. We understand how awesome they are, but he has been crazy busy […]

AT&T apparently has an ‘exclusive’ on 64GB HTC One

Oh, how we loathe the word "exclusive." For those of us on the editorial side, it's become a bit of a joke. But when a U.S. carrier uses it, it means someone else is probably getting the short end of the stick. In this case, it's anyone not AT&T, which is boasting in a promo […]

Coby Tablet Philippines Price List

Coby kyros MID 7038 HD

Note: Item prices posted are strictly CASH. Prices shown are the average price sourced from physical outlet stores (not online merchants). Prices may subject to change by respective retailers without prior notice. 1. Coby kyros MID 7038 HD Cash Price: PHP 3,500 Coby kyros MID7038 Specifications:   7.0″ LCD Touchscreen (capacitive) 800×480(WVGA-Widescreen) Internal: 4GB Flash […]

The Google Watch with Google Now – A wearable computer for the present

A Google Watch would be an ideal first step into the world of wearables, and putting Google Now at its heart makes too much sense for it not to happen The future of computing is mobile, and the future of mobile is wearables. Google knows this; so does LG, Samsung and Apple. That’s why all […]

Google pledges not to sue open-source developers for patent infringement

These days it seems every time the word ‘patent’ is mentioned it is usually followed by ‘lawsuit.’ In a refreshing change of pace, Google is doing just the opposite. Today the company has taken the Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge, which states that they will not take legal action against distributors and developers of open-source […]

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