How to Build a Cheap Car Movie Player Using Raspberry Pi

Watch Movies in the Backseat of Your Car If you’re a parent, you know that long trips in a car with children can be… trying. Why not build a relatively inexpensive, in-car media player? The idea of a TV screen in the car is not at all new. In fact, you can right now drop […]

Where Did You Shop This Black Friday? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week we asked you if your Facebook account ever got hacked. Whether it’s because you don’t use Facebook, never got hacked, or just don’t care, most of you couldn’t be persuaded to answer this poll, which left us with a small number of votes. Still, it’s surprising to see what percentage of Facebook account […]

One Reason to Ignore The People Hub: Facebook For Windows Phone

Windows Phone has a great relationship with social networks, integrating Windows Live, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook into its People hub. This integration means that the user can quickly check statuses, reply to posts and messages, share photos and generally save time by keeping their online social experience centralized. It doesn’t always work this way, however. […]

Quake Spotter – An Easy To Use Way To Track Earthquakes [iOS, Paid Apps Free]

Earthquakes can be one of the worst forms of natural disasters. For people who live in an area where earthquakes are common, they are a constant threat of which people need to be wary. Some earthquakes have been among the most devastating events in history. It’s one of those things that you try not to […]

WinZip 17 Adds Box To Its Line Up Of Integrated Cloud Storage Services [Updates]

We had taken a look a few weeks back how WinZip 17 has been re-designed for social sharing and the cloud in the now ended giveaway. The new WinZip version brought in full-integration with cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive and social linkage with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There was just one major player […]

What Are The Best Book Review Sites?

There are many people who consider books as a dying art form, especially as physical objects. While I accept that books will one day be nothing more than words on a screen, stories will always live on. They’ve been with us for millennia – and written down for centuries – and they’ll outlive everybody reading […]

iOS 6.1 Brings LTE To Many New Carriers Along With New Siri Features [Updates]

Apple has released a handful of updates for iOS 6 and its supported mobile devices. The 6.1 update includes expanded LTE support, several new Siri and iTunes Match features, and a new button to reset the Advertising Identifier. According to Apple, the new LTE capabilities will provide 4G data access to 36 additional iPhone carriers […]

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