Do You Prefer iOS or Console Games?

Do You Prefer iOS or Console Games? At our house, we have a collection of every console built by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, plus a few by Sega and Atari. I’ve been a console gamer for years, but recently I’ve found myself playing more on my iPhone and iPad than I have on my PS3 […]

Workout Plan Is a Great To-Do List for the Gym

The iPhone is an incredibly powerful aid during a workout — or it can be. I know that’s the usual marketing PR you hear about the iPhone, but I’ll be frank and honest with you: I lost forty pounds by using mine to track my burned and consumed calories last summer. At this point, I […]

Wood Camera: Fantastic Photo Editing on iOS

It’s difficult to deny that the iPhone, and smartphones in general, have changed the world of photography. Gone are the days of needing to own a point-and-shoot camera to be able to take decent pictures whilst out and about, because most of us have a great camera built into our phone. Furthermore, the App Store […]

Tracks: Group Photo and Video Sharing Made Easy

Capturing memories with our iPhone has become very popular over the last couple of years. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, there are so many ways that we can snap a quick photo or take a video of a moment and quickly post it so our friends can look and comment on it. Our iPhones […]

Tell Your Story in Video with Directr

If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably become comfortable with photo editing apps: taking pictures, applying filters and sharing images in your social networks. Many of us have yet to make the leap to video because it’s just not as quick and easy as the seconds it takes to photograph and edit in apps like […]

Clipped: Your News Feed but Shorter

How do you get your news? Are you the person who sits in front of the TV daily and watches four hours of continuous programming, or do you check it out on the web? Whatever you do, it takes up some of your time, and that can be quite valuable. What if there was a […]

Countdown Me: A Simple and Elegant Countdown App

Some apps available for smartphones these days try and do too much at once. They present you with an endless list of features, but they’re all executed badly and the resulting experience is frustrating. Other apps, whilst having less features, focus on one specific task but pull it off brilliantly — and the resulting experience is […]

What’s Your Brand of PhotoMagic?

If you’re in love with the idea of taking and editing photos right from your phone, but could care less about the social media aspect of the experience, then PhotoMagic may just be your app. (Don’t worry, it still allows you to save and email your creations.) The app is simple, easy to use and […]

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