Delorme PN-40 GPS vs Garmin 60csx GPS?

Question by Here’s Bobby: Delorme PN-40 GPS vs Garmin 60csx GPS?
I’ve heared The Delorme PN-40 is superior preformance even going eye to eye vs the Colorado, however the Colorado is not so great on the Geocaching friendly setup, so I am comparing it to the 60csx. Only problem is the price!

Delorme PN-40 $ 250ish
Garmin 60csx $ 325ish
Garmin Colorado $ 550ish

Not to mention when you buy a Garmin your paying 30% of the prodoct’s advertising fees. Delorme doesn’t put itself in every magazine which is why it’s cheaper. Still I want to focus on the products.

Also Garmin Topmaps run sometimes $ 100 vs Delorme where I’ve heard from owners that it’s free. Just not quite is user friendly to set up.
Sorry Delorme is $ 400

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Answer by Ray
Ive never tried a PN-40 but Ive owned a 60CSX for almost 2 years and it works great. I use it for hiking and car navigation.

Ive locked onto satellites in my home countless times and the accuracy is very good, even in cities around tall buildings. The construction is also excellent, I dropped it into a stream once and it worked fine afterwards, even though it slammed into rocks about 6 inches into the water.

By the way, you can now get 10 dollar city maps from the Garmin website. They have every big city in North America and Europe. They are called ‘CityXplorer’ maps. Definitely worth checking out, I only wish they were around when I bought my Garmin maps 2 years ago.

Maybe Delorme is just as good, all I can do is vouche for Garmin. Its a good unit.

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