DragonVale Review – Who said dragons had to be dangerous?

Brought to you by Backflip Studios, the people behind the iOS classics like Paper Toss and Ninjump, it is no surprise that expectations for DragonVale soar ever so high. Fortunately, this game does not disappoint.

Think of DragonVale as The Sims on steroids, whereby your humanoid Sims are placed with super cute and lovable dragons. While not particularly unique in any aspect, DragonVale still provides endless hours of fun with its sheer extensiveness and intricacies. The objective of DragonVale is to build a theme park or zoo of sorts, with the dragons being the focus of the game of course.

Sounds confusing? Well trust me; it is rather difficult to grasp at the start.

Thank goodness for a tutorial of sorts that is present at the beginning of the game. It will guide you through the basic features of the game, but do not expect to be able to rely on the tutorial because at the moment where you start to get a slight grasp of things, you are left on your own.

However, once all the initial confusion and whatnot is put aside, DragonVale easily becomes a very addictive game to play. Due to the comprehensive structure of the game, there are always new things to do and explore.

The game will also appeal to people of ages because instead of scary, fire-breathing monsters, DragonVale chooses to use cute cartoon renditions of dragons that will just simply melt your heart.

For a free app, DragonVale definitely gets my thumbs up. While added perks that aid in gameplay are available through in-app purchases, players can still enjoy the game completely free. This is one game that will zap away countless hours of your spare time.

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