E-book prequel to BioShock Infinite announced

Having a book tie-in with a video game is nothing new. There are a complete series of books that have to do with the Halo universe and there are also a number of books that follow Mass Effect and other video game franchises. If you’re a fan of the BioShock franchise, Irrational Games has announced an E-book prequel to BioShock Infinite is in the works.

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The book will be called BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt. The book will be offered at no cost when bundled with pre-orders of the video game on Amazon. If you didn’t pre-order the video game on Amazon, you can still get your hands on the book starting February 12 for $ 2.99.

The E-book is available for Kindle users and promises insight into the mysterious sky city of Columbia. The book is set before the events that take place in BioShock Infinite and was written by Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder and creative director Ken Levine. This book is another nice bonus for people who pre-order the video game.

People who pre-order the game also get the Industrial Revolution Pack and access to three in-game items to boost your fighting ability. Pre-ordering also gets 500 bonus in game currency bucks, five lock picks, and more. The game is rated M for mature by the ESRB and will launch on March 26 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC gamers.

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