EE 4G: Super speed data pricing finally revealed!

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Everything Everywhere, or EE as it’s wont to be called these days, turns on the UK’s first 4G network a week today, and in anticipation of the launch, it’s finally revealed the pricing for its turbo download and upload rates. Want to know how much those sweet super speeds will set you back? Read on for the details.

You already know which 10 cities will get EE 4G first. Now, we’ve got the EE 4G pricing for you. For £36 per month on a two year contract you’ll get 500MB of data, £41 will get you 1GB, £46 will get you 3GB, £51 5GB, and £56 will get you 8GB; all deals include unlimited calls and texts as well. Mobile Wi-Fi plans for dongles and Wi-Fi hotspots start at £15.99 per month.

EE 4G: Smartphone super speeds tested!

Now that’s far from cheap – but we’ve seen how fast EE 4G is (in our testing, anywhere from four ten times faster than current 3G speeds), and the company has come up with some sweeteners to tempt people. If you’ve bought a 4G-ready phone from EE on a contract, you can swap it out for a 4G deal for free, while T-Mobile and Orange customers who have bought certain smartphones in the last six months (including the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3) can switch to a new handset and a 4G contract for £99.

EE is also rolling out several new services to try and tempt people to switch to its 4G network before rivals O2 and Vodafone turn on their networks next year. EE Film, which launches on Android, PC and Mac (and is available for Android users on any network, not just EE) lets you get 2-for-1 cinema tickets on Wednesdays, as well as download or stream new release movies. EE’s throwing in one free flick per week until February for 4G subscribers, and we’ve confirmed that it won’t count towards your data limit if you pull it down over 4G.

Last but not least, subscribers on £41 per month contracts or more can choose one of three other services, a TV app that lets you watch live channels, Deezer music streaming (Similar to Spotify for mobile) and a game download service, though we’ve not confirmed which platforms this will be available on just yet.

Will EE win people over with its pricing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Is it too expensive to make the jump?

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