Favorite handheld GPS?

Question by Marissa: Favorite handheld GPS?
What’s your favorite GPS system? My brother and uncle both have Garmin, but I’ve also heard Tomtom isn’t bad. When I was being bored at best buy I saw a different one called the Insignia (i think… i could totally be wrong lol) which looked pretty awesome what with google and twitter and the ability to look up movies and such. But I have no idea how good it actually is. I’d rather have one that works than one with cool accessories that may or may not ever be used.

What’s your guy’s favorite?

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Answer by Diverse thoughts
They both have there ups and downs as well as any other brand but then again they are both fantastic gps units, but me I would depend on Garmin if I did happen to get in a situation. I seem to do just fine with Garmin and I have a buddy that will “fight the fight” with Tomtom, so they are kind of tit for tat in the quality and durability aspect, Kind of depends on your preferance and what youre comfortable with.

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  1. Kingler says:

    Well…I strictly use mine for GeoCaching. I used my Garmin Nuvi 255 for my first 120 finds and it worked really well. It’s made for the car, so it’s not really as rugged as a handheld GPS, and it doesn’t have a electronic compass so you really need to be able to just look at the numbers to be able to tell if you’re going in the right direction or not. Kind of a pain.

    A couple of months ago I made the best investment of my life and bought a “DeLORME PN-40″ and have used that to find my last 200 caches and LOVE IT!!. It’s comparable to the “Garmin 60CSx” (which is the GeoCachers preferred handheld GPS)…..but WAY better!! It’s has everything the 60CSx has and more. It’s WAAS enabled which makes it 5 times more accurate than anything else that’s not WAAS enabled. The built in compass is awesome, and it has a built in GeoCaching function where you can select a cache and have it direct you to it on a map…..just follow the direction of the arrow. That screen also tells you how many feet away you are from the cache. I bought mine on sale at REI for $ 250 and was well worth the money!!!!

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