Flight Check In Review – Recommended for frequent travelers

The thing about smartphones nowadays is that many things are made so much simpler and easy. Now, this luxurious convenience has extended to airlines, with Flight Check In allowing for well, as the name suggests, checking in to major airliners through your mobile device.

With a decent assortment of airlines to check in with, Flight Check In neatly provides 9 square tabs on a grid for you to store your favorite airliners. This added extra convenience allows you to quickly access your most frequented airlines, speeding up the check in process. Tapping on any of the tabs brings up a menu to check into the respective airlines.

Extra features include the ability to book cars or hotels with Flight Check In. While not its niche area, it still provides a detailed enough menu that is simple enough not to complicate things and gets the job done well.

Visually, Flight Check In does a great job in creating a simplistic backdrop to make utilization of the app easy on the eyes. However, at the same time the app decorates the 9 tabs with an animation of a plane taking off into the skies, very interesting indeed.

The only gripe I have about Flight Check In would be the limited number of airliners provided. The list seems to be exclusive to only American and Canadian airliners.

A free app, I would recommend Flight Check In for download if you are a frequent traveler.

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