From WebMd-The 7 Wonders of Water

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From WebMd-The 7 Wonders of Water

Article by Gabrielle Dahms

The Best Beauty Secret– H2?Oh Yeah!’

Studies show that drinking water helps you look younger!

A study conducted in the UK revealed that drinking water is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to achieve more vibrant and youthful looking skin–of course, along with all those other amazing health benefits.

Beauty experts, doctors, and nutritionists worldwide agree that drinking enough water a day (the typical 8 glass a day mantra) will cleanse out toxins the body’s systems, stimulate blood flow, fill out skin wrinkles, flush out facial impurities, fade out spots, and moisturize skin resulting in cleaner, healthier, and naturally younger looking skin. Even the priciest luxury brand skin creams can not replace skin’s natural reaction to and need for water.

The study, according to Chandvani (2010), involved several women participants who were subjected to a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Each participant was required to drink 1 1/2 liters of water each day for eight weeks without altering anything else in their lifestyle. Some drank tap water, some drank will water (a natural filtered mineral water). Each woman had their picture taken before and after the trial using a Visia complexion analysis software program, which analyzes facial skin from many perspectives: sagginess, texture, and sun damage.

At the end of the study, the results revealed that the women who drank tap water experienced between a 19% reduction in their skin folds and wrinkles, and the women who drank the other water saw a 24% reduction. The study demonstrated that drinking lots of water contributes to healthier, better-looking skin, and that some water is better than others (our point exactly).

According to Dr Howard Murad, a U.S. dermatologist, “This is a particularly good way for us to up our water intake and is vital for controlling the aging process,” (Chandvani, 2010).

Experts say that the majority of the population is dehydrated, and don’t even know it. The amount of water that we lose each day from urination and perspiration is just not being replenished fast enough. This takes a toll on our skin. Just think about this; our face alone is made up of 3/4 water–it’s the single most important factor in maintaining a cell’s integrity.

Here are some easy tips to improve your skin and achieve that healthy glow:

Keep filtered water with you in a reusable, carry-on water bottle. There are plenty of fashionable options out there now as we’re all going green, just take a look at your local grocery store to even even a favorite local gift shop!
If you work in the office or will be sitting or standing in one place for a long time, make sure you have a glass of filtered water next to you. Drink from it as often as you think of it.
Need a new taste? Add a few drops of lemon juice, lime juice, or mint leaves. This will not only give you some flavor, but help curve your appetite!
Try hot water with lemon, mint and honey as a cold-water alternative.
Water is a woman’s best friend. It revitalizes, detoxifies, and oxygenates skin. Water flushes away the toxins that cause blackheads making pores appear smaller. Expensive, man-made skin products don’t stand a chance to this natural, earth made beauty solution.
Drink up everyone!

Chandvani, S. (2010). Drink plenty of water to look younger–study. The med guru: Your health first! Retrieved from http://www.themedguru.com

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Disclaimer: Information provided here is deemed to be accurate and NOT guaranteed to be so. All Views Published Here are Expressly Those of Gabrielle Dahms.

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