Fuel Can Explosions Kill 14

The humble fuel can is an explosion waiting to happen.

When this innocent product is used to fill a power tool with a hot exhaust or to light a BBQ or bonfire the results can be explosive, cases of severe burns and even death from the resultant explosion are not un-common. In fact petrol ignition is the number one cause of burns and severe burns to adults in the UK and 14 people have been burnt to death in the USA and many more seriously injured as a result of fuel can explosions.

Standard fuel cans and spouts explode because there is nothing to prevent flames and fire travelling straight up the spout and into the can and causing terrifying explosions.

One major US fuel can manufacturer (Blitz) has recently been forced out of business because of lawsuits of over $ 30 million. And with threatened lawsuits against retailers as well there is growing pressure for both manufacturers and retailers to respond to this and supply a safer product.

Fill and Stop a UK based company have developed, patented and launched a unique, simple and low cost solution to this problem Fuel Can Safety Insert. The Fill and Stop insert is simply pushed into the end of existing fuel can spout by the fuel can manufacturer.

It prevents flash back up the spout and explosions whilst also preventing overfilling of the fuel tank a major cause of fire, the clever device simply stops the flow when the fuel reaches the end of the spout.

Commenting on the problem Fill and Stop director Richard George said “We have undertaken our own explosion testing on fuel cans and the explosions can be truly terrifying, with only 100ml of petrol creating a huge flash fire. The issue of petrol fires and fuel can explosions should carry a much higher profile, the injuries can be very serious and in some cases fatal, anything that can be done to reduce this problem has to be a good thing”


Video demonstration at www.fillandstop.com

For further information, please contact Fill and Stop MD Richard George
Mobile 07799 587977 Telephone 0845 643 4413 Email richard.george@fillandstop.com www.fillandstop.com

Editor’s notes: Images available, sources available on request
Fill and Stop is manufactured by Easy-Fill Ltd, Gloucestershire, UK a Permacoat group company, which has a successful trading record established over the last 30 years, developing and launching the Postsaver, Permaskin and Polesaver range of products.

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