Gibbets 2 – Review – Until I took a gibbet to the neck

An app drawing on a physics engine to fire arrows around, Gibbets 2 draws parallels to many catapult games but adds in a few twists here and there to keep things fresh.

To start off, the main objective of Gibbets 2 is to rescue rag doll-like people who have been condemned to the gallows by firing arrows well-aimed arrows at the ropes around their necks in a bid to free them. Of course, one can imagine that such cases won’t usually end well…

In this case, for every second you spend on each level the game slowly drains the life out of these victims and of course the game ends when they all die. Then, there is also the chance of accidentally impaling their limbs brutally with arrows, giving the meme of ‘taking arrows to the knee’ a literal spin.

Gibbets 2 keeps things interesting with power-ups scattered all over as the game progresses. These range from being able to shoot multiple arrows, to score boosters for those aiming to beat high scores.You also get occasional bonus levels to spice things up.

All in all, Gibbets 2 is a great game that is very easy to learn with a simple control system. However, don’t expect to easily become a master at it as the game physics make it very challenging, especially in later levels when you have to carefully aim at well-placed nooks and crannies to free your victims. For $ 0.99, I strongly recommend the download of this game.



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