‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Promotional Posters Leaked Online [Photo]

b7a34  Grand Theft Auto V2 ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Promotional Posters Leaked Online [Photo]

Promotional posters for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V have been leaked online.

New GTA V rumors, images, and reports seem to be appear online more often than not these days. The latest batch of promotional artwork comes from a pair of posters used to promote the title at Gamestop. According to Gameranx, the latest leak shows off two of the game’s protagonists.

The images embedded below feature Franklin and Michael, two of the characters players will be able to control during the course of Grand Theft Auto V. Both guys are knee-deep in trouble in the artwork; while one is attempting a speedy getaway on the back of a motorcycle, the other is embroiled in an armed heist.

Cinema Blend explains that the leaked posters are meant to advertise the GTA V pre-order at Gamestop. As of this writing, Rockstar has yet to unveil box art for the upcoming open world epic.

Although gamers who are eager to part with their money can reserve their copy right now, it’s still unclear when the next installment in the franchise will hit retail shelves. The game’s current release date is tentatively set for spring of 2013.

The International Digital Times reports that fans may have to wait until this summer to get their hands on a copy of GTA V. The website said that a recent Amazon email revealed the game’s release date to be July 23.

One reader explained that a message from the online retailer stated the game wouldn’t arrive until mid-summer. However, the individual hasn’t provided any proof of the message to the website as of this writing. Until Rockstar announces a date, your guess is honestly as good as mine.

The leaked posters have been embedded below.

b7a34  Grand Theft Auto V Poster ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Promotional Posters Leaked Online [Photo]

One thing is for certain: Grand Theft Auto V will arrive for Xbox 360 and Playtation 3 at some point this year. Depending on who you believe, a PC version of the title is also slated to arrive during 2013.

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