Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

418a0  Mesmer 12 Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

Gamers rejoice! The doldrums of the last few years have come to an end. The days of bouncing from one disappointing MMO to the next, looking for a game that will hold your interest for more than a week or two are finally over. Guild Wars 2 has put the fun back in Online Gaming.

While it is true that Guild Wars 2 had a bit of a bumpy ride during the first week of launch, the problems have all been resolved, and the game is functioning perfectly. Thanks to the herculean efforts of the development team at ArenaNet, gamers are now able to enjoy everything that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. Accessing the game is a breeze, connectivity is excellent, the Auction House is open, PVP battles are raging, and the servers are packed to capacity with satisfied players.

Everything about Guild Wars 2 is a feast for the senses. The game is absolutely gorgeous. The images practically leap off your screen, pulsing with vibrant color. Imagine diving into a crystal clear lake, and when you come back to the surface, the screen is dripping with water that slowly evaporates as you clear your eyes, and you get an idea of how much detail went into the design of Guild Wars 2.

Spells and skills look amazing. Every individual attack has its own unique animation that brings it to life. Spells burst into rainbows, erupt in flashes of searing orange flame, crackle with brilliant arcs of electricity, and create miniature thunderclouds that pour healing rain on the caster’s allies. Swords flash in dynamic sweeps of energy, as they cut into their victims flesh, huge hammers mercilessly crush bones as they smash into an opponent’s skull, bullets hurtle out of the gun’s barrel leaving a trail of smoke, and arrows fly off the hunter’s bow followed by green ribbons of poison.

418a0  elementalist meteor shower Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

Guild Wars 2 Redefines Online Gaming:

Needless to say, Guild Wars 2 is much more than just a great looking game. From the moment you access the carefully designed character generator to build your in-game alter ego, you begin to appreciate that Guild Wars 2 has redefined Online Gaming. Instead of trying to completely re-invent the MMO, Guild Wars 2 takes every aspect of the genre and improves on the concept.

Each of the the game’s playable races stands head and shoulders above the typical offerings of other games. You wont find the old standard of Dwarfs, Goblins, Elves, and Human’s here. Instead we are introduced to the towering Norn, fearsome Viking hunters who roam the frozen mountains of Tyria and the graceful Sylvari, sentiment humanoid plant creatures born of their mother tree. We may choose to play the diminutive Asura, who use their brilliant minds to manipulate magic and technology in an attempt to dominate the other races or the warlike Charr, an aggressive feline people who live for the thrill of battle. Finally we have the Humans, who are struggling to regain the lands and power they lost after centuries of devastating wars.
Here is a screenshot gallery of the five races in Guild Wars 2 for your enjoyment:

951a0  norn 03 Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

Norn Hunters stalk their prey


52259  sylvari 05 Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

The graceful, gentle Sylvari


52259  asura 03b Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

The Asura, diminutive manipulators of magic and technology


aa93e  gw2 warrior 006 Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

A Charr Warrior ready for battle


aa93e  necromancer04 Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

A Human Necromancer’s spell bursts into a swarm of butterflies


Exploring Guild Wars 2:

Once you have created your character, the fun begins. Leveling to the cap of 80 in Guild Wars 2 is so enjoyable, you will savor every step of the journey. In addition to the general quests, and your chosen race’s story quests, player’s will dedicate a great deal of their energy to exploring every nook and cranny in the game. You will venture into rat infested caves, struggle to the top of remote peaks, and dive to the bottom of lakes packed with hungry Barracuda, to ferret out all the secrets of Guild Wars 2.

It is exploration that gives Guild Wars 2 its original approach and makes leveling such a pleasurable experience. The game is divided into several dozen zones, each with its own environment, terrain and weather. Players must finish all the tasks, find the waypoints, reach every vista, complete the skill challenges, and visit each point of interest in a zone in order to reap the substantial rewards. Every zone a player completes yields a large amount of experience and a chest packed with useful items, including potions, tokens that can be traded for gear, and a stack of much needed crafting materials.

Finding all the points of interest, reaching all the vistas, and  discovering all the waypoints requires patience, perseverance and nerves of steel. Passing the skill tests, especially solo, will challenge players to play to the peak of their abilities. Even locating every single quest giver in a zone will take players to dark caves crawling with fierce, hungry beasts, remote hideouts packed with bandits, villages under attack by wave after wave of monsters, and enemy camps teeming with foes.

Instead of becoming impatient or frustrated, I am having a blast. I had the best Saturday night I’ve had in months, trying to find my way to one incredibly infuriating vista while battling a cave full of Dredge who never seem to stop spawning, I spent the better part of my evening clawing my way up ramp after ramp, only to find that I had taken another wrong turn. Finally I noticed a set of dangling chains in the dim light on the back of a platform that would allow me to open a gate blocking my path on a lower level and I was able to achieve my goal. I must have killed several hundred dredge, but it was well worth the effort. Not only did I have the satisfaction of finally standing 200 feet above the ground surveying all the sites in the huge cave, but I gained almost a full level in the process.

In another part of the zone, I had to reach a vista that stood at the top of an inaccessible cliff, surrounded by dozens of mobs and several rickety towers that soared hundreds of feet into the sky. After running around killing mobs for over an hour searching for a way to the vista, I looked up and noticed another player high above me who somehow reached the top. Ever industrious, I managed to get the player’s name, and I sent Avi a whisper. Thankfully, Avi responded and spent the better part of another hour patiently coaching me through every hair raising step of the journey. Avi demonstrated how to make the chilling leap of faith over each yawning chasm, and even ran all the way back down to the bottom several times to resurrect me, after I fell like an uncoordinated fool to my death. When we finally made it to the vista, I was so thrilled and exhilarated, I may have frightened my neighbors with my shout of joy.

Another Wonderful Improvement:

Another wonderful improvement over the typical MMO is down-leveling. In most games, when a player returns to a lower level zone, they are usually able to one-shot every enemy. While being Superman can be fun, it gets really boring after about five minutes. When you group with a friend, who is at a much lower level, to help them with a difficult quest, the amount of experience they receive may be reduced, and in some games, they may even receive less loot as a penalty for grouping with a high level player.

Down-leveling changes everything by temporarily reducing the player’s level and stats to match the zone they are exploring. When you return to a starter zone to help your slowpoke husband level up his character, your level 70- warrior temporarily becomes a level 5 warrior, with the appropriate damage output and hit points. Mobs are challenge and quests retains their intended difficulty. Your lazy spouse will be given the full amount of experience and loot for every mob killed and for every quest you both complete. Down-leveling is a marvelous concept that adds exponentially to the replay factor of Guild Wars 2.

More to Come:

Today, I have given you a taste of what makes Guild Wars 2 such a great game. There is much more to tell, and I will be back regularly in the weeks ahead, to share my experiences in PVP, and to describe the end game content.  I am presently at level 52, and frankly, I am not in a hurry to reach the cap. I am quite happy with my leisurely pace as I prowl around, exploring every inch of Tyria. I am determined to savor this wonderful game, instead of indulging in another headlong dash to the maximum level. I am having too much fun playing Guild Wars 2 to rush.

Are you among the over one million gamers playing Guild Wars 2? If you are, tell us about your own character, and your experiences in the game, by posting a comment below this article. Feel free to tell Inquisitr readers about your adventures in the mystical world of Tyria. Meanwhile Its time for me to get back in there, and continue enjoying Guild Wars 2.
Note: I would like to thank my new friend Avi, on the Sea Of Sorrows server, for being so incredibly patient and helpful. It is quite remarkable for a player to take more than a hour of their valuable in-game time, to guide a total stranger, as they struggle to reach to a a distant objective. It is equally unusual for them to maintain their patience and humor, as I stumbled my way to the top of that tower and plunged to my death on several occasions. Avi’s kindness is an indicator of why a strong player community is so important to the future of any MMO, and hopefully, it is also a sign of the good things to come in the future of Guild Wars 2. Than you Avi, for being so amazing today. Bravo!

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aa93e  di Guild Wars 2 Puts The Fun Back In Online Gaming

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