How can i reset the lamp timer on a Viewsonic projector?

Question by george h: How can i reset the lamp timer on a Viewsonic projector?
I just bought a replacement lamp for my Viewsonic PJ 500-2 projector.What are the instructions for resetting the Lamp timer at installation time?

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Answer by Oogoo
User manual for free:


Page 19 resetting lamp timer:

“Resetting the Lamp Timer

After replacing the lamp, it is important that you reset the lamp timer. When the lamp has been replaced after the “THE POWER WILL TURN OFF AFTER 0hr.” message is displayed, complete the following steps within 10 minutes of switching power ON. The power will be turned off automatically after 10 minutes.

1 – Switch POWER ON.

2 – From the OPTION menu select LAMP TIME with the description of “Adjusting the Projected

3 – Press the RESET button and hold for approximately 3 seconds. The DEFAULT and CANCEL
options will display.

4 – Press the Up arrow button to select the DEFAULT. The remaining lamp life is now reset to 2000

IMPORTANT: Do not reset the lamp timer without replacing the lamp. The message functions will not operate properly if the lamp timer is not reset correctly.”

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