How do I get my Vaio to transmit in 1080p?

Question by Anon: How do I get my Vaio to transmit in 1080p?
I have a Sony Viao VGN-FW140E which has full 1080p. I also have a HD-TV that is 1080p compatible. I used and HDMI cable to connect the two together and watch netflix offline, but my computer shows that it is only displaying 750p on my television. Any help?
My comps shows that it is transmitting in 750p or I can choose to switch it to 768p. its streaming video online, so it depends on the quality being transmitted?

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You probably mean 720p

Standard DVD format discs will only provide 720p. To view 1080p you must use a player and standard of 1080 or upconvert.

It’s of no matter otherwise as most DTV stations that offer multiple broadcasts (x.1, x.2 etc) rarely surpass 720 for most of those except the one labeled -HD. In fact, 720 has been the standard for many network transmissions since day 1. Many markets are only now rushing to catch up before the mandatory analog cutoff date for full power stations (translators and LPTV/Class A are exempt for now, as are some areas at the Mexican border while broadcasting treaty rights with Mexico are being adjusted but they will eventually be switched). I have seen 16:9 production on only ONE station and their x.1…only one and the rest are still using a Standard Definition-type aspect or only 16:9 with network shows.

Some of the most popular entertainment news shows have only now converted, yet I see them on the 16:9 station in 4:3 SD.

Well, the industry begged for DTV and really the biggest winner was PBS!

Remember that 720 or 1080 the resolution is still at least 2-3 times VHS and up to twice that of Laserdisc. I wouldn’t feel gypped.

Happy renting! We just had the two Blockbusters in town close and for the first time since the late seventies there is NO rental store in our town! How bizarre is THAT! I remember BETA rentals (my buddy Ork would pay five rocks to watch music videos)!

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