How do you add a personal vehicle picture to a tomtom gps?

Question by kdn360: How do you add a personal vehicle picture to a tomtom gps?
I am trying to add a picture of my car and download it to my TomTom gps. I have the picture but I’m not sure how to make the background red before i download it to the gps??

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Answer by Achmed The Dead Terrorist
How to create your own car symbol:

The image size should be 80×80 pixels.
The image background should be red (RGB 255,000,000). The red background in the image will be shown as transparent by your TomTom.
The image should be saved as a 24 bit .bmp (bitmap).

TIP: Note that car symbols can appear on dark or light areas on the map, so your car symbol might not stand out on all areas. Therefore it’s a good idea to add a light line around a dark icon and a dark line around a light icon.

How to upload your own image to your TomTom:

Connect your device to your computer.
In TomTom HOME, click Add maps, traffic, voices, etc.
Click Car Symbol.
Click Continue.

TomTom HOME opens a window showing the available car symbols on your TomTom.
Drop your new image in this window.
Disconnect your TomTom by clicking Device > Disconnect device from the HOME menu.

How to change the car symbol on your TomTom:

Tap Change preferences in the Main menu.
Tap Change car symbol.
Select your new image.

Note: Car Symbols are only shown in 3D map view. To switch to 3D map view, tap Change Preferences > Change 2D/3D display > 3D map

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