How to call a mobile Phone in China from TANZANIA?

Question by Florian: How to call a mobile Phone in China from TANZANIA?
I need to call the mobile phone in China(Shenzen city) but I don’t know how to call mobile phone in all china I don’t know the china mobile phone code no: please help me.
Thanks in Advance.

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Answer by nostar
You need to put CHINA’s country code before the whole phone number you want to dial.China country code is +86 .

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  1. Sam says:

    now i am in shenzhen china now , just as people said putting the chinese country code +86 before the number u want to dial , it;s very convenient !
    but one thing i want to mention here is that if u contact someone with the international call ,the cost would be high , so the programme ” Skype ” is the best choice at this time ,which is only less than 0.2 RMB(about 0.02 dollar) Per minute , especially when u need to contact your friends overseas frequently !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. KBS says:

    Simple answer:
    pick up your phone and dial 0086 + 11digit mobile phone no.

    there is no special code needed to put before a mobile no. The same is true for sending sms to a mobile phone in China, just put 0086 + 11digit mobile phone no.

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