How to put music videos on your ipod in the right catagory?

Question by baseball: How to put music videos on your ipod in the right catagory?
I have many music videos (not bought off itunes) that are in the ipod format. I can put them on my ipod but not in the right place. Its puts them in the movie place. On itunes while my ipod is hooked to the computer, under where it shows what your ipod contains it doesnt have a place to put your music videos. It only has music, movies, and tv shows. How can i put my music videos in the right catagory on my ipod?

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Its in your iPod , and iTunes right? If so, go to iTunes, find your Music Videos and right click on it. Go to every tab on the options, and find the tab that says Video Type. Once there, scroll down the list and select music videos. Then your done. Now just connect your iPod and it will fix your flaw.

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