I am considering a tablet PC and I need advice?

Question by ???: I am considering a tablet PC and I need advice?
I am an 18 year old perspective college student looking to do something in the field of software engineering but I’m also going to need a large hard drive for music and movies. I was looking at the TM2 and I was very impressed but the effectiveness of the touchscreen worries me and I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll just get used to. If you have any experience with the Tm2 I’d like to hear about it or experiences with other tablet PCs. I am also concerned that it does not have an internal disc drive, am I going to regret it??

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For a tablet pc you should always have a touch screen. The ipad from apple.com is just a big ipod touch. You can get it in 3g or just plain wifi. I comes in memory of up to 64 gigabytes. There are 2 different types of tablets. The plain tablet which is the ipad. The pc tablet which is the lenovo ideapad. I have heard good things about thinkpad x series tablet at thinkpad.com. Again this is a tablet pc. If you want a lighter less like a laptop the plain tablet is best. One example is the samsung q1up-v at samsung.com.

Tablet PC:
HP Elitebook 2740p at hp.com
Viliv S10 Blade at dynamism.com
Lenovo Ideapad at lenovo.com
Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet at asus.com
Armor X10 at drsarmor.com
Nokia N900 at nokia.com

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