I Am Smarter Than You!

It’s fast-paced, competitive and filled with brain-boosters. Compete on general knowledge, sports, math, arts, history and many more categories. Play on your own or with friends, and see where you rank against the whole world!

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I Am Smarter Than You: not your average trivia game. It’s fast-paced, competitive, and filled with brain boosters. In the main section of the application we have the option to play a game, view games where it is ours, or our opponent’s turn, play in a daily quiz, or start a new game. If we select to play a new game we can choose from all of our friends via Facebook, or just friends with the app. Select a friend and select a game type between Basic Quiz, Single Category, and Ultimate Battle. In Basic Quiz we’ll have 7 questions and compete against our friend. Unless you have it set not to it will then show you what each of your Brain Boosts do. Such as Most Popular, 50/50 Chance, and Freeze The Clock. You get a 3 second countdown to read each question, and then answer it. If you get it incorrect it will highlight red and the correct answer will highlight green. Press the continue button to go to the next question, and if you get it correct you can see that it will highlight green and give you coins. At the end of each round you can see where you stack up against your friend, and wait for them to answer the same questions. Once they answer the same questions it will then be their turn to answer questions first, and then it is your turn to answer them. See whether or not your friend got the same question right or if they got it incorrect. At the end of the game the winner will receive 50 coins and you can see who won and share it on Facebook if you’d like. With the Most Popular Brain Boost, you can see the most popular answer for the question, though its not always right. You can cut the questions down by 50/50, and Freeze The Clock so you have more time to answer the question. You can also take the Daily Quiz to see where you rank in the world. I Am Smarter Than You, pick it up in the App Store today.

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 I Am Smarter Than You!

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