I need some GSP advice…?

Question by Anna: I need some GSP advice…?
I have an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 both with the TomTom GPS app that Iourchased back when they were first released. I love my app. I have used it to travel all over the US with absolutely no problems. I just moved last month from El Paso, TX to Upstate NY and used it on my trip too. Now that I live Upstate, I took a trip to Ottawa, Ontario this past week but my TomTom app will not cover Canada because I only purchased it for the US. So I was stuck using Apple’s GPS app. It got me from Watertown to Ottawa but that was about it! Not to mention, I incurred international charges on my iPhone and iPad for using the app. I was thinking about getting the Canada TomTom version app but I would still incur international charges. So now I am looking at stand alone TomTom systems that cover both countries. My issue is there are a lot of poor reviews and I really have no clue on which one to buy. The one I am looking at currently is the GO 2535 TM WTE for $ 299 but I heard that just because it cost a lot of money, doesn’t mean its the best. Please help!!! I have never needed a stand alone system so I don’t know which to buy.

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Answer by Sidney
A dedicated GPS device (or stand alone gps) is several times more accurate than a cell phone app.
It carries the map around with it, so no internet connection is NOT needed which will eliminate those international charges or any other charges you incur.

If you travel allot you need a good standalone gps any way. from what you said, it seems like you do travel allot.

The GPS unit inside of standalone devices is usually more accurate. Accurate enough to tell where to change lanes and stuff like that.

If you do travel, yeah, a stand-alone GPS unit is a sound investment. Here is a great tutorial on how to shop for a cheaply priced good quality standalone GPS with all the maps of the world on it.


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