International Customer Reference Program Community (ICRPC) to host monthly educational calls for B2B marketing

Founded in early 2011, the International Customer Reference Program Community (ICRPC, www.icrpc.com) has grown fast, attracting more than 200 Customer Reference Program managers and marketing practitioners from across the globe and in various industries. The organisation has now announced that it wants to change the format and host monthly educational calls to help grow the community across the various regions and invites B2B marketing, sales and PR professionals to participate to learn about best practices around Customer Reference Marketing.

Customer Reference Marketing is most effective as part of an overall company strategy, to help increasing revenue, shortening the sales cycle, highlighting the company´s success and long-term customers, differentiate themselves from their competitors.

ICRPC Founder Claudia Koenig says; “Customer References are becoming about far more than just writing a case study or producing a video case study to highlight the success of their customers with using their products or services. Buyers demand evidence before making a purchasing decision and the best way for sellers to provide this is through the words of their happy customers.”

The monthly calls offered by the ICRPC are tailored to help B2B marketing and reference professionals to capture and deliver their content using the wide range of techniques and technologies currently available.

Topics being discussed within the ICRPC gratis calls include:

•Recruitment of customer references
•Customer Evidence Material
•Incentive or reward programs
•Customer successes delivered on mobile technology
•Leveraging from social media tools to highlight
•Building a global Customer Reference Program
•Cultural differences in a global CRP

The initiative to run a serious of monthly calls is also being sponsored by various well-known vendors within the marketing and Customer Reference Program space, such as: TechValidate (www.techvalidate.com), MRM Reference Consulting (www.mrmreferences.com), Boulder Logic (www.boulderlogic.com), ROInnovation (www.roinnovation.com) and Influitive (www.influitive.com).

How to participate

For information on upcoming calls and request for membership (gratis), please contact Claudia Koenig at CKoenig-Consulting under: ckoenig-consulting@gmx.de or call +49-162-6287418

Claudia Koenig – Managing Director
Steinaeckerweg 8
69226 Nussloch
Phone: +49-6224-5594199
Mobile: + 49-162-6287418
Email: ckoenig-consulting@gmx.de
Homepage: www.crp-consulting.com
Registered: Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mannheim
VAT-Nr: DE213355431
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