iPhone App Review: Wooble Attack

Whac-A-Mole is a game as old as time itself, if you’re measuring the beginning of time from the introduction of arcade redemption games into the public. Coming up with a variation on the basic gameplay is a bold proposition, but not one that developer Local Wisdom, Inc. shied away from. By taking Whac-A-Mole and mashing it with the color-matching gameplay of Bejeweled or Puzzle Quest, they’ve given us a fresh, fun take on a timeless classic.

How It Works

3348e  mza 8840335653737405979.320x480 75 305x203 iPhone App Review: Wooble AttackThe basic game is simple: wooblespop out of holes, and you tap them to “whack” them back down. Where it gets fun and challenging is when you instead swipe across multiple woobles of the same color, sending them all back down to their fiery hell (I like to imagine it’s a fiery hell, maybe they just go back in the hole) and collecting bonus points in the process.

You collect coins whacking woobles, using them to unlock powerups that can be used during the game to help you in your wooble-whacking quest, and there are in-game bonuses that you can strive for as well by swiping the woobles into them (a treasure chest full of coins and a clock that gives you extra time on the clock). When the clock runs down, the game is over.

Pros And Cons

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Oops… almost forgot about the bonus round!

Wooble Attack has excellent graphics, treading the line between needless flash-and-trash and too-simple artwork. It’s simple yet attractive and well-rendered, which lends to the fun gameplay and is complimented by great sound.

The gameplay itself is intuitive and easy to understand, and there is a nice collection of fun power-ups that help with whacking those incessant woobles. My only issue with the game was in how quickly the difficulty ramps up in each game, especially after each new type of wooble has been introduced. It gets very hectic very fast, and I think could use a little dialing down in the early stages of each game.


Wooble Attack is a fun, well-made casual game that is simultaneously simple to learn, exciting to play, and difficult to master. It’s available now as a free Universal app on the iTunes App Store.

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