iPhone or HTC Desire?

Question by Mtp: iPhone or HTC Desire?
Im pretty savvy with the iphone, i would just like an opinion as to which phone is the better choice.
Peoples opinions on the Desire?

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Answer by Kenneth

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  1. A A says:

    I had huge troubles with HTC it was a very nice phone but after a few day’s it got very glitchy and weird then it died last me 3 weeks so i got a normal phone.The iphone on the other hand has done a great job plus there are a ton of cool apps and stuff and trust me boy are they useful I don’t own one cause i can’t afford it but on the business side of things and how it works it’s quite the phone and it’s almost like something you need.

    Oh btw the iphone 4 is coming out July 30th so don’t by the 3g or 3gs.

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  2. Adnan says:

    HTC Desire and i shall tell u why:

    -Firstly, Display Resolution. The Disire has 480x800px which is the highest possible, and as for the iPhone it has only 320x480px
    -Secondly, The iPhone has a normal TFT screen where as the Desire has a staggering AMOLED screen which is bright, more vibrant, more battery life
    - Thirdly, The Desire has more battery life, 340h stand-by to the iPhones 300h
    - Fourthly, the Desire has a WAY higher Processor Speed. it has a staggering 1GHz processor where as the iPhone only has 0.6 GHz which means the Disire is wayy faster.
    - Fifthly, The Disire has a more better Camera, 5mp in the desire Vs the 3.2 in the iPhone
    - Finally the Disire has more ram, 576MB in the Disire and 256MB in the iPhone

    So hopefully this is enough to advise you to take the right path and take the Disire.

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  3. Paputi says:

    Hello. To me go for the iPhone 4.

    I think that Adnan does not know the iPhone 4:

    iPhone 4 features:
    1. Display Resolution; High-resolution Retina display 640×960
    2. Retina Display
    3. Battery life his right: iPhone 4 300 hours stand by.
    4. iPhone 4 use the same A4 processor that have the iPad so it have a 1GHz processor.
    5. The iPhone 4 have a 5MP camera too.
    6. The iPhone 4 have 512 memory RAM. His right HTC Desire has 576 Ram.
    Just compared; here the links:

    iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

    HTC Desire

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  4. ANDROID says:

    Hi.I would say get the HTC Desire for sure.I find it a better quality phone and worth getting.

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