Is it possible to upgrade Samsung Galaxy 2 from gingerbread to ice-cream sandwhich?

Question by dogma: Is it possible to upgrade Samsung Galaxy 2 from gingerbread to ice-cream sandwhich?
I want to know if its possible to upgrade Samsung galaxy 2 Android gingerbread software to the new ice cream sandwhich without damaging the phone?

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Answer by Corvato
currently: No
likely it will be released for most of the Samsung Galaxy phones, and you can get it when it becomes available

you could root your phone, and likely update it, but that would void any warrenty and could be a hassle.

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  1. m0magic says:

    No. ICS will be released in the future (probably December/Jan) but CyanogenMod are working on a port as Google have released the SDK and the code for ICS.

    Keep an eye out on the source link (XDA) for future news.

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  2. Reeb Beer says:

    Samsung will likely release an official update, as it’s powerful and popular enough and they’ll want to keep their customers happy. Having said that, it will probably be a few months before they release it, since they have to add their TouchWiz UI and carrier customizations. Android 4.0 won’t be released till November, so you can start you wait from there. However, if you’re into hacking, you can root and load up a custom rom with ice cream sandwich much earlier thanks to developer forums. it’s a process and takes lots of advance knowledge, so be careful if you go that route. http://www.smartkeitai.com/htc-samsung-motorola-sony-ericsson-and-google-on-android-4-0-ice-cream-sandwich-updates/

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