Is wirefly a legitimate site to buy cell phones and plans from?

Question by isaiah p: Is wirefly a legitimate site to buy cell phones and plans from?
I wann get the T-mobile G2x with Google by LG from wirefly because it looks to be way cheaper. I just wanna know if I still get the same quality as if I ordered it from the tmobile website? Is it a good website? Should I or not

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Answer by El_Gonzal
Yes! I’ve purchased many phones from there at least three different times. They give out brand new phones just like if you were buying them from a T-Mobile or a Sprint corporate store. If your wondering how they get their phones to be so cheap it is the fact that they dont have people to pay to run brick and mortar stores they have a distribution center based in Maryland and they just ship the phones out. A much more efficient way to run. Cheap prices, great deals, Ive never had an issue.

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  1. Wirefly says:

    Purchasing from Wirefly is just like going in to your local T-Mobile store–with much greater savings! Each phone will come with the standard accessories included in the box.

    Wirefly is the Internet’s #1 authorized retailer of cell phones and wireless plans. If you have any questions about our sales process/procedure, feel free to give us a call at 800-552-9000. At Wirefly your satisfaction is our passion, let us know if you have any other questions.


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