JMR Software (Pty) Ltd sets up a new UK operation

Global IT services and data migration specialist, JMR Software (Pty) Ltd has opened a UK office and appointed an operational team to grow its international business.

It marks a move to position JMR Software as an independent entity in the UK market, where over the past 20 years the company has operated through strategic partnerships. The new UK base will enable the company to build direct relationships.

JMR Software is already supporting financial services’ companies in the UK – as elsewhere in the world – that are going through a period of huge change in terms of the way complex data systems are managed and administered.

“Digitally driven data demands on financial services companies in particular is driving the consolidation of insurance systems, products and data in order to reduce costs and provide higher levels of customer service. JMR has a comprehensive data migration solution (BITSHIFT, developed and deployed over the past 20 years that significantly reduces the risk involved in data migration,” says Mike Richards, CEO, JMR Software.

He continues, “There are so many ways in which to approach data migration, but Gartner has quoted that ‘Through 2019, more than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and/or result in some form of business disruption due to flawed execution. At JMR Software we have a 100% data migration delivery track record, on time and in budget, every time.”

The market drivers mean that there is significant scope – and growing demand – for JMR Software IT services, but also BITSHIFT, a unique end-to-end solution that solves many of the problems normally associated to data migration projects.

“Establishing a presence in the UK, means that we are able to offer customers local and direct access to our expertise; as well as drive greater awareness of our data migration and transformation capabilities, creating longer term opportunities for growth,” explains John Bancroft, newly appointed sales and marketing manager for JMR Software.

JMR Software recognizes that data is one of the most precious assets of any business, as it continues to grow in volume and complexity, and there is also more pressure for businesses to migrate to new applications. Established in 1987, the company has been providing customised software solutions, mobile applications and specialist IT resources to the global financial services sector for many years.

Update on JMR Software (Pty) Ltd operating status

JMR Software is an independent South African company, but with strong international roots and relationships (particular in the UK) that are built on our integrity, expertise, capability and years of successful delivery. The company is no longer associated with JMR Consulting (UK) Limited, which is now known as TECHFINIUM LIMITED, and JMR Software (Pty) Ltd dis-invested in this consulting business in 2009.

For further press information, please contact John Bancroft, sales and marketing manager at JMR Software, 07967 388 308 or email at john.bancroft@jmr.co.za

To find out more about the company visit www.jmr.co.za

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