Just get an IPad given the fact that I am going to get an ebook reader?

Question by CentralSet: Just get an IPad given the fact that I am going to get an ebook reader?
I want a ebook reader. I try to maximize convenience in my life and am rather “basic”.

Probably not the right term to use, but for example… I have very few things. The things I do have, I use thoroughly and often.

I need to come up with two things I want my parents to get me. I am thinking a ebook reader would be something I could use, but if I get an ebook reader, is there any reason not to get an ipad (beyond cost).

In other words, do dedicated “ebook readers” like the kindle 3, have features that can not be attained by an ebook reader app on the ipad?

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Answer by orange light
if money is literally not a factor whatsoever, then as far as I know theres no advantage to getting a dedicated e-book reader

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  1. tabulator32 says:

    You have the right idea.

    If you ONLY want to read e-books, get a Kindle or a Nook.

    Otherwise, just get the i-pad.

    Get the 32 Gig at least, the 16 Gig will fill up fast.

    I got the wifi only version and save $ 30 a month for a data plan but its still awesome.

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  2. z says:

    To answer your question no an ipad would provide all that an ebook reader could. you would be better of to wait on the ipad though because the new one is coming soon.

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  3. JaKi says:

    Hi, CentralSet, I know of just the device you’re looking for which is a hybrid Android eReader/tablet device, something between Kindle and iPad. Such device is new Nook Color from Barnes & Noble. Even though Nook Color has LCD touchscreen, it’s a new generation screen which is anti-glare coated and is better performing in sunlight and produces less glare all of which are dooming reading on iPad. Also, the screen is amazing and readable/viewable at wide angles.
    Overall, Nook Color is more than e-Reader as you can also watch video and use Android applications on it. It’s a hybrid device, much more than just an e-Reader but not a full tablet as it doesn’t have a camera. If all you want is to read novels, Kindle (or the original e-Ink Nook) might be better for you. If you want something more from your device (color graphs and charts of college text books, childrens books, photos and videos, web sites in full color) at half of the price of iPad or Galaxy tab, then Nook Color is your best bet.
    Nook Color has several apps that already come with the device (Pandora Internet radio, QuickOffice, etc.) Also, Barnes & Noble recently released Nook SDK and Nook Developer platform that will allow most of the existing 100,000 Android apps be ported to it. Also, you can use the Social Settings screen to link your NOOK Color to your Facebook account and your Twitter account. You can also import all your contacts from your Google Gmail account. Once you have linked to Facebook and Twitter and set up email contacts, you can lend and borrow books, recommend books, and share favorite quotes with your friends.

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