Motorola ATRIX 4G Smartphone Announced AT&T

Motorola ATRIX 4G Smartphone Announced AT&T

Article by Jennifer Aniston

Motorola is in the news once again and for all the right reasons. The Motorola ATRIX is now available in 4G and fans will probably be able to get their hands on it sometime in late Feb or early March. AT&T customers will get an upper hand as the phone will be available to them at a modest cost of 9.99 for a 2 year contract, which is a decent amount for a phone of its caliber. One of the most sensible decisions by Motorola was to keep the design of the phone fairly simple and ensure that it is lightweight and svelte. Motorola is known for making mammoth phones like Droid and Milestone that turn away a few users due to their large size.

This was one of the few phones that captured eyeballs at the CES 2011 where it was first unveiled. The ATRIX 4G has a dual core processor that makes the phone speedy and contributes to its overall appeal for users. If users need a more PC like experience then they can use the laptop dock that blurs the line between Smartphone and Laptops. The display of the phone is larger than the iPhone and is definitely a USP when it comes to users who want a decently sized screen that will simplify usage and enhance multimedia capabilities. Its safe to say that the ATRIX 4G will have several takers.

While ordering the phone users need to ensure that they get appropriate Motorola ATRIX accessories in order to maintain their phone in prime condition without causing it to lose out on its high end functionalities. Cell phone accessories like Motorola ATRIX cases are a good example of the kind of products that users can avail of to protect their phone. Motorola ATRIX cases like Faceplates are some of the most common forms of covers amongst younger users. These cell phone accessories come in a large variety of colors and designs and are ideal if users wish to personalize their phone and give it a unique touch. On the other hand, Motorola ATRIX accessories like leather holsters are ideal for users who want a simplistic and sedate cover in order to protect their phone without giving it a new look.

There are several online stores from where you can get ideal Motorola ATRIX accessories in order to protect your phone and enhance its functions. While buying cell phone accessories from any source it is important to ensure that they are original and made specifically for that phone. Unoriginal Motorola ATRIX cases will not be able to provide optimum protection for the phone and may result in damage.

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