Netflix.com rocks!

A few nice Netflix images I found:

Netflix.com rocks!
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There are so many reasons why they rock. But the biggest plus of all is their website.
Look closely at all the functionality in this page.

Btw, the movie preview loaded inline and replaced the movie description text. And it started playing right away.
Everything about this site is slick. Well done.

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Image by adria.richards
Blog post Netflix Reset My Account And Shafted My Geek Pride

These new fangled developments in getting movies to me faster did not settle my customer service issue with Netflix.

I had a service interruption in August 2006 and they reset my subscriber date. I thought, “No big deal. I’ll just contact them and they will fix it.” I sent notes, then called, then sent two letters by certified mail (10/20/2007 and 2/9/2008) asking that they go into the database and correct my subscriber date. I explained why the single late payment had occurred (see post on domestic abuse) and noted since they now offered to “pause” your subscription, it seemed like a reasonable request.

Every level one customer service rep I talked to profusely apologized but said it was completely impossible to do. I asked to have the issue escalated…to no avail. My letters generated generic responses. I thought, “What a shaft. Netflix pretends to be customer centric by adding phone lines and here I can’t get a database change made as a long time customer who had some drama occur?”. Not willing to switch to Blockbuster, I’ve had a sour taste about Netflix but continue to use them.

Complete story on the blog

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