Never Miss Another Media Release Date With Recall

As you have probably heard or experienced, having kids definitely changes your life and how you live it. Before, I had all the time in the world to go to the movies, read the books I wanted, etc. Now, those activities are few and far between, and I definitely can no longer keep up with all the new releases that come out.

Well, a few weeks ago, I got to download an app called Recall, which I was intrigued by because I thought it might help me solve this problem. With so many good things being released in a rapid pace, I don’t know how we can even keep up with everything. But, Recall aims to help us remember when that latest movie we wanted to watch comes out, or that awesome song that we want to download.

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Adding Items

In a nutshell, Recall is a way for you to attempt to remember a variety of things as they are released or whenever you want to be reminded of it. There are five different categories that it focuses on: music, movies, apps, books and tv shows. Basically, how it works is that you pick something from one of these categories and then it will remind you when you want it to. You can also add items that may not necessarily fall into these categories.

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Searching and adding items to your list

When you are ready to actually add an item to your list, you can first pick a category and you either browse the new releases or the top charts. If there is a specific item that you are searching for, you can type it in and see a list of suggestions and then add it. Once you are done, you can then set a reminder for yourself to let you know when it is being released in the future. Or if it is an item that is already out, but you just want to be reminded about it at a later date, you have that option as well.

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Setting a reminder for a specific item

If there is something that you find that is already released, you can purchase it through iTunes or the iBookstore. For now, this works for apps, books and music, but not for movies or tv shows.

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Purchase items from iTunes or iBookstore

Simple and Intuitive

To be perfectly honest, there is not much more to Recall other than what I just described above. But, this is what I absolutely love about using the app: it is so simple and intuitive. There are few apps out there that can do what they set out to do and do them well. Recall is able to execute that perfectly in my opinion.

For me personally, it fills a need that I have when it comes to remembering these different things. There are so many times when I see a preview online or on TV and I think to myself that I cannot forget to watch that movie when it comes out. The same goes for books and apps, there are so many out there that I want to remember, but I always tend to forget.

Yes, I do know that there are bookmarking services on the web, or other ways to remember these things, but another reason why I love Recall is that I always have my iPhone with me. So if I am out and about and I see something that catches my eye that I want to remember, I can easily search for it within the app or I can add it manually so that I remember it later. It’s so straightforward to do and it takes me less than a couple of minutes to accomplish.

Looking Forward

I am not sure how much more the developers for Recall can actually improve on what they have done, but I am sure they have some things up their sleeve. There are a couple of things that came to mind for me that I would love to see in future updates. Although I did like the ability to add my own item manually, I wish I could have the option to take a picture of the item that I am adding. There were a few times when I was at a store and I wanted to remember something there, and although I could type in the item, it would have been nice to be able to take a picture of it as well. Speaking of stores, I would love to see Recall connect with Amazon some how. It would be great to add a reminder for an item I want to purchase for a later date and then be able to go straight to Amazon through the app and buy it, similar to how they are connected to iTunes.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many other ways to remember things, I personally feel that Recall fills a need for a lot of people. Life gets busy and there are so many things to remember, and with the amount of books, music, apps, etc., that are coming out each day, this is perfect for that.

Right now, Recall is on sale for $ 0.99 on the App Store. If you are the type that wants to stay up on the latest and greatest media and other things, but you get overwhelmed with remembering everything, then you should run to go and download this app right now. Like me, you will be asking yourself how you ever lived without this app.


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