New White Samsung Galaxy Nexus To Be Launched Soon

New White Samsung Galaxy Nexus To Be Launched Soon

Article by Emma Rosher

Samsung introduced a number of different versions of their popular phones over the festive period in a bid to shift more devices over the traditionally busy season. One model that did not see any variants launched however was their premium model the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We will not have to wait much longer however to see some new Nexus devices released and two exciting new variants are set to be with us by the end of February.

The public seems to love white mobile phones and for this reason we saw models such as the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Y and the Galaxy Mini launched in this finish. The Galaxy Nexus is the next handset to receive the white treatment and this model should prove to be the most attractive of all. The Galaxy Nexus uses a much flatter back panel than the more curvy Galaxy S2 which gives the model a much more premium and robust look. The development of this panel in a white finish means we may be treated to a model that is quite possibly the nicest looking device available. At present the White iPhone 4S is the undoubted king of the white smatphones but expect the new Nexus to challenge the Apple phone for this title. White phones appeal to consumers who want to stand out from the crowd given that the majority of phones that are released boast either a black or dark metallic finish. The launch of a White Nexus should also see Samsung enjoy increased sales of this impressive new phone. When the White iPhone 4 was eventually launched experts predicted that the new model would add 1.5 million extra sales per quarter which totals a massive 6 million units per year.

At present the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available with a 16GB of internal storage capacity. This figure has become a fairly standard level for premium smartphones with devices like the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 offering similar levels. For the average phone user this should prove more than enough to hold a mix of approximately one thousand songs, several hundred photographs and as many applications as you require. Some users do require more ample storage space and for this reason Samsung are releasing a 32GB version of the Nexus. This new phone is perfect for users looking to capture plenty of 1080P HD video footage or for users with a very large music collection who want the entire library stored on their handset.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is already the leading Android smartphone and these two new variants should see the phone achieve further success as we move into 2012.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the White iPhone 4S are available now.

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