Puggy the Monster – the Fun Bite Review

Puggy the Monster is one of those seemingly useless apps that nonetheless puts a smile across our faces. With no purpose to the game, Puggy the Monster allows users to interact with the titular Puggy.

With a large amount of interactive tools, users will find it hard to get bored of the cute monster they have. Essentially a virtual pet of sorts, users can dish out playful abuse to Puggy while dressing it up in cute garments or making it do certain tasks. These include the ability to manipulate the weather, zapping Puggy with lightning as well as tickling it with a feathered rod or even feeding it magical light bulbs that alter its appearance.

One notable feature of Puggy the Monster would be the ability to play your music through the app, albeit altered to sound like Puggy is the one performing it. This includes changing the pitch to sound somewhat similar to being chipmunk’d while having the monster dance in accordance to whatever track is being played.

Another nice touch added to the game would be the mini games, which includes a reaction tester where players try to out-maneuver the app.

For a free app, Puggy the Monster is definitely recommended to be downloaded. While it serves no general purpose whatsoever, it still provides a rather decent form of entertainment for all to enjoy.

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