Should i get a samsung galaxy nexus with a two year contract im only 14?

Question by Digi: Should i get a samsung galaxy nexus with a two year contract im only 14?
Im going to highschool so im getting a phone is the samsung galaxy nexus good for a 14 year old and how much do u pay monthly for your phone. Also tell
Me what Phone i could get instead.

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Answer by Answerman
If you really all the advanced features of an expensive smartphone, then I would go ahead and get the Galaxy Nexus. It’s generally a good phone and supposedly receives the latest Android updates before any other phone, as it is a “pure Google” device. Monthly plans will vary based on how many minutes/texts you wish to sign up for, how much data you need, etc. Hope this helps!

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  1. Justin says:

    Yeah, the Galaxy Nexus is a great choice. The S3 has some better aspects, like a slightly larger 4.8 inch screen while the Nexus has a 4.65 inch screen (with .25 inch taken up by the software keys except when watching videos and movies). The S3 has a slightly faster 1.5 GHz processor versus the Nexus’s 1.2 GHz processor. Depending on what S3 model, it might have more RAM than the Nexus. But the Nexus has been out for longer and is the flagship device of Google. This means it has more support, especially in XDA if you want to root and unlock and modify or fiddle with your device. Also, the Galaxy Nexus has pure Ice Cream Sandwich while the S3 has the Samsung TouchWiz UI.

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  2. Fancy says:

    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone to be sure. The screen is absolutely gorgeous, even if it is not as large as the Note’s screen. In terms of power, it’s no slouch either. The 1.2GHz processor can really fly. On the outside it looks nice and feels nice. The camera, while not amazing, is more than passable, shooting pictures almost instantly. The speaker is a typical phone speaker, but does fine if the area is quiet. For a more in depth review on each part, read on.

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