Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – Review

The name itself is already a testament to how epic the developers intended this game to be. This is one game you would not want to be caught playing on a crowded bus. Making full use of the accelerometer function in Apple devices, Sky Gamers: Air Supremacy sets the stage for aircraft shooter games. With much resemblance to the critically acclaimed Ace Combat series, Sky Gamers: Air Supremacy involves players controlling their fighter jets while engaging in aerial combat through the use of the jet’s arsenal of deadly weapons.

The fun part of the game lies in the use of the accelerometer, where players have to tilt their devices to maneuver their vehicles around. While seemingly easy on larger devices like the iPad, the challenge lies in smaller devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch.

One nice aspect worthy to note is that Sky Gamers caters to gamers of all skill levels. While on its own by default it is a very tricky game to play, the game does help beginners by providing an autopilot mode where all the player needs to do is to shoot.

In terms of visual appeal, Sky Gamers: Air Supremacy is nothing particularly impressive but it does do its job well. While the rendition of skylines and the plane itself is nothing shocking or awe-inducing, images are still rendered fairly clearly and smoothly as well.

For $ 4.99, Sky Gamers is leaning a little more towards the expensive side for an iOS game but if you have the extra dough, do give it a try as it can get really addictive.

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