Sony PRS-T2 eReader appears on J&R for $129.99

Just last month we saw details pop up Sony’s PRS-T2 eReader pop up at the FCC, and now the elusive device has cropped up on the J&R website for pre-order. Those hoping for a radical overhaul will be disappointing to learn that the PRS-T2 is very similar to its predecessor, with a very minor tweaks. The eReader features the same pearl e-ink touchscreen with a 800×600 resolution, WiFi, microSD, and two months of battery life.

e6fba  SONPRST2HBC 500x500 Sony PRS T2 eReader appears on J&R for $129.99

Sony has tweaked the dimensions of the eReader, however, with the PRS-T2 coming in a 0.38-inches thick and weighing 5.9 ounces. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the device have been modified too: they now appear to be either touch sensitive or smaller physical buttons. Customers will still get access to Sony’s Reader Store, but the company will be bundling a free copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

New software functionality has made it to the eReader as well, with Sony bundling in support for Facebook and Evernote Clearly. We’ll have to wait and see what the Facebook side of things does, but Evernote Clearly will let you save articles to the reader for later viewing, not unlike Pocket or Instapaper.

J&R doesn’t list a release date for the PRS-T2, but you’ll be paying $ 129.99 when it does eventually ship. That’s a bit more expensive than Amazon’s current Kindle model (even without ads), but if you missed out on the PRS-T1, the PRS-T2 might not be a bad choice.

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e6fba  di Sony PRS T2 eReader appears on J&R for $129.99

e6fba  di Sony PRS T2 eReader appears on J&R for $129.99

e6fba  DK5z4PI4G E Sony PRS T2 eReader appears on J&R for $129.99

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