Sponsored Feature: Com-Tec-Co talks to us about its new app, PDF Cabinet

We spoke with with Vasiliy Popov, Head of User Experience and Mobile at Com-Tec-Co, about how the app works, why it should prove invaluable for a variety of users, and future plans to add to the experience in the future.

148Apps: Can you explain what PDF Cabinet does?

Vasily Popov: PDF Cabinet is the most elegant and intuitive mobile PDF app available for reading, annotating and sharing documents of all sizes on an Apple iPad. PDF Cabinet perfectly leverages the iPad’s touch screen technology so just the swipe of a finger can be used to edit documents with highlights, circles, and underlines, and then save. The app allows sharing the annotated PDF documents in progress or complete via email, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with other PDF Cabinet users. Files and folders can be easily uploaded and downloaded from iCloud and Dropbox. Soon the app will automatically transform many formats to PDF.

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What makes PDF Cabinet different to other PDF readers on the App Store?

PDF Cabinet was created by Com-Tec-Co and leverages the company’s 13 years of experience developing large-scale enterprise applications for global companies to create a consumer application that delivers simplicity and functionality. Com-Tec-Co tested the PDF reader concept with numerous focus groups to get a feeling of the most essential capabilities and intuitive user designs that consumers would appreciate. The app reflects the preferences of the focus group testing request for simplicity while enabling consumers to do annotations and collaborate using PDFs, feeling like they work with paper and a pen rather than learning too many features and settings.

How have you made the app easy to use?

Instead of cluttered UI, often confusing annotation functionality and settings that are featured by numerous PDF readers, Cabinet is really sleek and intuitive. It embeds all the necessary features for working with PDFs and no settings (please see video for more info: http://youtu.be/M1ljjApTXIk?hd=1). The app is highly intuitive and enables the most effortless annotation of PDF documents, which resembles working with real paper. While there are several tools available in the App Store for document viewing and annotating, people were still printing documents to make annotations.

What sharing options are there in the app?

PDF Cabinet app users can share documents and annotations via Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi for real-time collaborative annotation of one document on multiple iPads, or while reviewing a document together with an assistant.

The latest release brings long awaited synchronization with Dropbox and iCloud to PDF Cabinet. Now the PDF Cabinet app can sync any existing folder with any Dropbox or iCloud folder, create new folders in Dropbox or iCloud, and automatic or manual sync. It’s easy to get documents and folders by simply dragging documents to any synched folder and they will be uploaded automatically.

How important are touch-screen controls in an app like this?

PDF Cabinet’s user interface takes advantage of the touch screen functionality of the iPad. The app’s unique design allows the user to select annotation tools, marking colors, and other options by pressing down anywhere on the iPad touch screen. This eliminates the need to learn where menus, options and preferences are on the application. Instead, they are available with the touch of a finger.

PDF Cabinet also leverages the iPad mobile touch portability, size and shape. By turning a stack of paper files from an offer, paper books that need notion, a professor’s papers that need grading, PDF Cabinet’s leverages the size and shape of an iPad and transforms a tablet into a portable office. The iPad is now an important business and education tool and this app will be a must- have tool for a wide range of professionals, students, and teachers.

Do you have anything planned in terms of other updates for PDF Cabinet?

Version 1.2.0 is already in the works and it will bring support for subfolders that many of users have asked for. The next version will allow for automatic conversion of DOC, PPT and RTF files to PDF while also continue to expand online collaboration and more cloud services synchronization.
You can download PDF Cabin on iPad now, and costs $ 2.99 / £1.99 to download [iTunes link].

A document management app for international companies called Cabinet Enterprise is planned to be released in 2013.

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