‘Stronger Screen’ Tops List of iPhone 5 Features Wishlist

Research by a money saving website in the UK has revealed the top 10 ‘most wanted’ features of the rumoured iPhone 5 according to consumers, which is thought to be announced later this year; with a ‘stronger screen’ the most desired upgrade by members of the public.

After a high volume of searches received onsite for the term ‘iPhone 5’, a money saving website in the UK has carried out a poll to find out what Britons would be looking for in the new and improved model; and what they would expect from the handset that its predecessor the iPhone 4S does not have.

VoucherCodesPro.co.uk polled 1,652 people in the UK and asked them what they would like to see in the new iPhone 5 if or when it was announced later this year. Not all respondents were current iPhone owners, but all those taking part claimed to have an interest in the next Apple handset.

All those taking part were asked what features or upgrades they would like the next iPhone model to have if and when it was announced later this year. They were asked to pick all the different features they wanted to see from a list of answers and the top ten most desired features were as follows;

1. Stronger screen 93%

2. USB port 86%

3. Better camera 81%

4. Bigger screen 77%

5. Larger storage options 64%

6. More lightweight 62%

7. Higher resolution Retina Display 53%

8. Faster processor 39%

9. Stronger structure (not inc. screen) 24%

10. Different colour options 19%

When looking at what people wouldn’t want to see in the new iPhone model when it is eventually announced, ‘smaller dock connector’ turned out to be the least wanted feature, with two thirds, 67%, claiming they wouldn’t want it.

George Charles, Marketing Director at VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, said the following;

“There are always rumours surrounding tech launches, whether it’s a new phone that’s due to be announced or a new tablet computer. As soon as the next iPhone is announced, you can bet your bottom dollar people will already then be speculating about what the iPhone after that would have.

“A stronger screen would definitely be a good move for Apple, as just speaking from experience, the current iPhone model is prone to cracked screens! Myself and several people I know have experience this, so it obviously needs addressing. It will be interested to see, when the next iPhone is announced, what it will offer consumers. Only good things I hope!”

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