Super Monsters Ate My Condo! Review – Including a Unicorn!

The thing I love most about Adult Swim games is their ability to make an addictive game that is funny at the same time.  Super Monsters Ate My Condo! is a bit like taking it’s predecessor and injecting some more wackiness.

At it’s core, both games are matching games.  Trying to throw condos of similar color into the monsters that want to eat them.  Combining condos of the same color will merge them into a super-condo (or a “bronze floor”) and earn you extra points.  You can also earn points by merging three bronzes to a silver floor, three silvers into a gold and three golds into a diamond.

The game throws in special types of floors to keep play interesting, such as concrete floors that can’t be moved and bomb floor that explode on contact.  This particular version of the game adds floors like a clock that adds time to the game.

As with the previous game, you can select your monsters of certain colors.  When one of the monsters is a giant unicorn, you know the game is fun.  Each monster has a unique power that can be activated to do such activities as putting the other monsters to sleep.

Unlike the previous version of this game, there is no endless mode.  There is only a timed mode in which you collect as many points as you can in the limit.  To me, this is a bit like the Apple maps fiasco.  Endless mode was fun.  I hope it’s put back in future updates.

Despite this, Adult Swim has done it again with a fun and wacky game.  Now go eat some condos.

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