1.2 Million Years Worth Of Porn Watched Since 2006 … On Just Two Pr0n Sites

Wow. Since 2006 1.2 million years worth of internet porn has been watched on just the webs two largest free pornography websites. According to adult search engine PornWatchers.com, YouPorn.com and xHamster.com have logged an amazing amount of adult video views. The search engine released some pretty crazy and impressive numbers from the two top adult […]

Madden NFL 2006

Madden NFL 2006 All-new season options – Sign free agents, complete trades and deal with salary caps Choose defensive plays and modify pre-snap assignments with Defensive Playmaker Control Enhanced game flow with the dual screens – Play choices are displayed on the top screen while the game action happens on the bottom screen All the […]

60 Minutes – Netflix (December 03, 2006) Reviews

60 Minutes – Netflix (December 03, 2006) Air Date: 12/03/06 The big idea started as a little annoyance: a late fee on a rental video. It was the moment that Reed Hastings says was his inspiration to create Netflix, the world’s largest DVD movie rental business. Netflix — which charges no late fees — ships […]

Apple Abused Patent System On Purpose In 2006

When Steve Jobs was still running Apple back in 2006 the famed CEO told officials he wanted to “patent it all” in regards to the company’s new iPhone smartphone. Because of that decision Apple employees were forced into monthly “invention disclosure sessions” in which Apple patent attorneys would document even the dumbest of ideas. According […]

ACP Medicine, 2006 Edition (Two Volume Set)

ACP Medicine, 2006 Edition (Two Volume Set) Univ. of Washington Medical Center, Seattle. Brandon/Hill Medical List first-purchase, minimal- core selection (#324). Reference provides more than 1,100 figures and algorithms, nearly 1,000 tables, and 16,500-plus references. Topics include women’s health, psychiatry, dermatology, and more. For physicians. Previous edition: c2004. List Price: $ 219.00 Price: $ 35.93 […]

Mac Pro 1.1 Quad-core intel xeon 2.66 Ghz (2006) With the new 2009 ATI Radeon HD 4870

Mac Pro 1.1 Quad-core intel xeon 2.66 Ghz (2006) With the new 2009 ATI Radeon HD 4870

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