Practice Labs reopens FOC access to work-ready IT skills for UK colleges’ students and apprentices through to the end of 2020

Kent, 23 October 2020: Practice Labs, the IT competency hub, is reopening complimentary access to its virtual live lab environment for UK colleges’ IT students and apprentices. “The support colleges provide to individuals looking to skill, upskill and reskill is unrivalled – particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak”, says CEO, Ricky Doyle. “Hands-on experiential training is […]

Foehn’s listing on ‘Network Services 2’ gives public sector access to complete cloud communications solutions

The Crown Commercial Services has confirmed that Foehn has been listed as an accredited supplier on the Network Services 2 (RM3808) procurement framework that authorises supply of telecommunications and network services to the whole of the UK Public Sector, associated bodies and agencies. Foehn is listed in two categories, ‘IP Telephony Services’ and Contact Centre […]

Trans women to access voice feminisation, at the touch of a button

A new app ensures trans women, who are having difficulty gaining access to experienced speech and language therapists, can now get one-to-one tuition with the UK’s leading expert – via their mobile. Christella Antoni, a consultant speech and language therapist, has been helping transgender women with voice feminisation for 20 years and has teamed up […]

DrayTek launch ‘Ceiling Mounted’ Vigor AP-910c Access point

14th August 2015, Borehamwood, UK: Networking product leader DrayTek announces the launch of the Vigor AP-910C Access Point for Ceilings or Walls. DrayTek announce the launch of the AP-910C wireless access point, the latest product to complement their managed wireless solution set launched earlier this year. The AP-910C supports a host of business class features […]

Mayflex to Distribute Suprema biometrics for access control solutions with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS

April 2015, Mayflex, the cabling infrastructure, networking and electronic security solutions distributor has formed a distribution agreement with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS for Mayflex to provide Suprema biometrics for access control to the UK market. Suprema is the premier provider of next-generation IP access control and the global leader in biometric access control systems. ENTERTECH SYSTEMS is […]

If you root a Nook Color, do you lose access to the Barnes and Noble online bookstore?

Question by Risa Moon: If you root a Nook Color, do you lose access to the Barnes and Noble online bookstore? I heard somewhere that once you root a nook color, it loses its integration with the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Is this true? And are there any other potential disadvantages to rooting a Nook […]

How do you access your Madden NFL 12 EA Online Pass for PS3?

Question by John: How do you access your Madden NFL 12 EA Online Pass for PS3? I went to the ONLINE option in Madden 12 and I wanted to play an online game but it made me enter the code on the paper that was inside the game case. I entered the code, downloaded and […]

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